About Us

Yen Ly grew up in Southern California, enjoys helping other people, and loves making life fun and exciting.  She started BIDHelpers 22 years ago when she discovered a niche in the charity auction world, and she set out with nothing more than her laptop and some carbon copy receipt books.  Today the business offers services that utilizes desktop and online auction platforms and has also expanded to aid clients in a wider capacity such as in procedure planning and organization of volunteers.

Yen Ly’s years of experience have allowed her to develop an understanding of the industry and her clientele.  She values making a connection with her clients, and she works to ask the right questions and collaborate with them to enable their goals and visions.

Yen Ly has the professionalism and organizational skills to help guide her clients and keep them on track, and her enthusiasm and positive energy carries everyone through the planning processes and events.

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Are you looking for … an Auctioneer?  Event Planner?  Photographer? or some other industry professional for your auction or event?  Contact us for referrals and we are happy to assist.