BIDHelpers offers charity auction support services and can help you with various aspects of your event, from the beginning to the end.  Whether you need partial services or full services, we want to help you make your event as easy, efficient, and exciting as possible.



  • Attendance of committee meetings or video/conference calls, emailing and phone time.
  • Type notes outlining procedures for registration, silent auction, live auction, fund-a-need, tracking of other sale items such as opportunity tickets and wine pull, cashiering and item pickup.
  • Advice on the best auction platform for your organization’s needs if selling tickets online or having an online silent auction.
  • Advice on express pay capturing of credit cards at registration and merchant services needs.
  • Format and email for approval the guest bid card and silent auction bid sheets with logos and event colors.
  • Printing of the following forms as needed:
    • guest bid cards, front and back
    • silent auction bid sheets and bid stickers
    • live auction recording sheets
    • fund-a-need recording sheets
    • sales sheets for opportunity tickets, heads or tails game, and other sale items
    • volunteer training handouts
    • centerpiece sale cards
    • entry payment & walkups recording form
    • address capture forms
    • express pay stickers
  • Setup of registration area with ipads/laptops, swipers, and other needed supplies.
  • Enter last minute additions/changes to auction items and guest list and reprint bid cards or silent auction bid sheets if needed.
  • Conduct volunteer orientation and training on:
    • registration
    • selling of opportunity drawing, wine wall, or other sale items
    • silent auction
    • live auction
    • fund-a-need
    • cashiering and item pickup
  • Oversee closing of the silent auction and item pickup area setup.
  • Enter live auction, fund-a-need, and others sales into the platform as needed.
  • Enter any cash or check payments made at the in-person event.
  • Oversee checkout with the volunteers.

Before going home for the evening, you will know exactly what you brought in!  Reports we provide you will include:

  • Sold Items listing item number, bidder number, description, and winning amount.
  • Unsold Items listing those items with no bids.
  • Unpaid Guests needing post-event follow-up.
  • Grand Totals for each section including Silent Auction, Live Auction, Fund-A-Need, etc.


Setup of Auction Platform:  BIDHelpers can set up the auction platform chosen by your organization (Auctria, GiveSmart, OneCause, Greater Giving).  We will…

  • Use logos, colors, and pics you choose so that the auction platform looks like your website!
  • Enter all settings needed for ticket sales, sponsorships, bidder registration, and merchant services.
  • Help you customize bidder emails and text notifications.
  • Import all silent auction item descriptions and pics if you choose to have an online silent auction, set the opening bids and increments.
  • Add donations section to website for those that can’t attend but want to give.
  • Maintain the platform as needed, fixing guest/bidder record issues/creation errors, update and add late auction item donations.
  • Call/Email platform technical support for issues or questions as needed.
  • Enter and set up live auction, fund-a-need levels, and other items being sold at the in-person event only.
  • Batch all credit cards after the event, run and email reports.

Printing Only:  For those clients who feel they have all aspects of their event managed and only need printing services, we can offer:

  • Customized Guest Bid Cards that have the guest’s name and information printed along with any dinner table seating assignment and organization information.
  • Customized Silent Auction Bid Sheets with your organization’s logo and event colors.

Contact us
with questions, and if you wish to meet and discuss how we can help you with your auction!